Camping Trailer Accessories: A Check Out the Humble Rome Panini Press Sep 25th, 2018   [viewed 77 times]

We all understand that one of the ideal points regarding camping is being able to cook over an open fire. On those events, you might desire to reach for a Panini Press Pie Iron.

 Rome Industries makes a terrific Panini Press crafted out of actors iron, it is 22 inches long and also includes an 8" x 4" cooking area. Keep in mind, if you have actually simply bought your very first pie iron, you will require to period the Panini press simply as you would a cast iron frying pan. Experienced pie iron chefs all have their own special means of preparing the iron and also bread for food preparation in a Panini press, but we have actually found that just spreading butter on the outside of each fifty percent leaves it a perfect crispy gold brown.

 Depending on what you are utilizing as sandwich components, heating each side of the Panini press for about 3-4 minutes should pre-heat the iron perfectly. Because of its size the Panini press does not have to be delegated to simply making sandwiches, it ideal for cooking hotdogs, burgers and also my favorite crescent roll cherry pie.